Dr. Giuseppe Angellotti is a pharmaceutical chemist and technologist with a distinguished academic background. Holding a PhD earned from the University of Palermo in March 2023, he worked under the guidance of Professor Viviana De Caro. His doctoral thesis centered around pioneering the development of advanced delivery platforms which exhibit remarkable capabilities in regulating the controlled release of both natural compounds and pharmaceuticals, specifically designed for localized treatments targeting oral diseases and wound healing.

During the course of his PhD abroad period, Dr. Angellotti conducted notable research at the laboratory of Professor Tomasz Ciach in Warsaw, Poland. Here, he explored the role of 3D printing technology to create polymeric scaffolds. These scaffolds are strategically designed to facilitate the regeneration of both hard and soft tissues within the oral cavity and maxillofacial bone by synergizing tissue engineering principles with manufacturing techniques obtaining intricately structured systems characterized by precise dimensions and customizable properties.

Dr. Angellotti's extensive contributions to the scientific community are evident through his prolific publications in the realm of natural antioxidants and anticancer agents. These compounds have been integrated into cutting-edge formulations for medical applications, showcasing his commitment to innovation and medical advancement.

In recognition of his exceptional contributions, Dr. Angellotti was jointly honored with an innovation prize in 2020. This prestigious award acknowledged his pivotal role in formulating a novel administration method for pediatric food supplements, reflecting his dedication to positively impacting healthcare practices.


Giuseppe Angellotti


[email protected]

Institute of Nanostructured Materials

National Research Council


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