Plant-Derived Polyphenols to Prevent and Treat Oral Mucositis Induced by Chemo- and Radiotherapy in Head and Neck Cancers Management

Elena Belfiore, Giulia Di Prima, Giuseppe Angellotti, Vera Panzarella, Viviana De Caro

Cancers, vol. 16(2), 2024, p. 260

Citations in Chemistry at the Dawn of Open Science

Ciriminna R., Angellotti G., Luque R., Pagliaro M.

ACS Omega, 2023

Chemopreventive and Anticancer Role of Resveratrol against Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Giuseppe Angellotti, Giulia Di Prima, Elena Belfiore, Giuseppina Campisi, Viviana De Caro

Pharmaceutics, vol. 15(1), 2023, p. 275

Multicomponent Antibiofilm Lipid Nanoparticles as Novel Platform to Ameliorate Resveratrol Properties: Preliminary Outcomes on Fibroblast Proliferation and Migration

Giuseppe Angellotti, Giulia Di Prima, Fabio D'Agostino, Emanuela Peri, Maria Rita Tricoli, Elena Belfiore, Mario Allegra, Patrizia Cancemi, Viviana De Caro

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High Stability of AnchoisOil Extracted with Limonene from Anchovy Fillet Leftovers

Giuseppe Angellotti, Daniela Maria Pizzone, Mario Pagliaro, Giuseppe Avellone, Claudia Lino, Francesco Mauriello, Rosaria Ciriminna

2023 Aug

Grapefruit IntegroPectin isolation via spray drying and via freeze drying: A comparison

Giulia Di Prima, Antonino Scurria, Giuseppe Angellotti, Elena Belfiore, Mario Pagliaro, Francesco Meneguzzo, Viviana De Caro, Rosaria Ciriminna

Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy, vol. 29, 2022, p. 100816

Green Extraction of Polyphenols from Waste Bentonite to Produce Functional Antioxidant Excipients for Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Purposes: A Waste-to-Market Approach

Giulia Di Prima, Elena Belfiore, Martina Migliore, Amalia Giulia Scarpaci, Giuseppe Angellotti, Ignazio Restivo, Mario Allegra, Vincenzo Arizza, Viviana De Caro

Antioxidants, vol. 11(12), 2022, p. 2493

Spray-Dried Cytisine-Loaded Matrices: Development of Transbuccal Sustained-Release Tablets as a Promising Tool in Smoking Cessation Therapy

Giuseppe Angellotti, Giulia Di Prima, Amalia Giulia Scarpaci, Fabio D’Agostino, Giuseppina Campisi, Viviana De Caro

Pharmaceutics, vol. 14(08), 2022, p. 1583

Buccal Thin Films as Potent Permeation Enhancers for Cytisine Transbuccal Delivery

Viviana De Caro, Giuseppe Angellotti, Fabio D’Agostino, Giulia Di Prima

Membranes, vol. 12(11), 2022, p. 1169

Improvement of Resveratrol Permeation through Sublingual Mucosa: Chemical Permeation Enhancers versus Spray Drying Technique to Obtain Fast-Disintegrating Sublingual Mini-Tablets

Giulia Di Prima, Giuseppe Angellotti, Amalia Giulia Scarpaci, Denise Murgia, Fabio D’agostino, Giuseppina Campisi, Viviana De Caro

Pharmaceutics, vol. 13(9), 2021, p. 1370

Lipid Nanocarriers-Loaded Nanocomposite as a Suitable Platform to Release Antibacterial and Antioxidant Agents for Immediate Dental Implant Placement Restorative Treatment

Giuseppe Angellotti, Alessandro Presentato, Denise Murgia, Giulia Di Prima, Fabio D’Agostino, Amalia Giulia Scarpaci, Maria Cristina D’Oca, Rosa Alduina, Giuseppina Campisi, Viviana De Caro

Pharmaceutics, vol. 13(12), 2021, p. 2072

Development of a Multifunctional Bioerodible Nanocomposite Containing Metronidazole and Curcumin to Apply on L-PRF Clot to Promote Tissue Regeneration in Dentistry

Denise Murgia, Giuseppe Angellotti, Alice Conigliaro, Francesco Carfi Pavia, Fabio D'Agostino, Marco Contardi, Rodolfo Mauceri, Riccardo Alessandro, Giuseppina Campisi, Viviana De Caro

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Antibacterial PEGylated Solid Lipid Microparticles for Cosmeceutical Purpose: Formulation, Characterization, and Efficacy Evaluation

Giuseppe Angellotti, Denise Murgia, Alessandro Presentato, Maria Cristina D’Oca, Amalia Giulia Scarpaci, Rosa Alduina, Maria Valeria Raimondi, Viviana De Caro

Materials, vol. 19(3), 2020, p. 2073

Quercetin-Based Nanocomposites as a Tool to Improve Dental Disease Management

Giuseppe Angellotti, Denise Murgia, Giuseppina Campisi, Viviana De Caro

Biomedicines, vol. 8(11), 2020, p. 504

Bioadhesive Matrix Tablets Loaded with Lipophilic Nanoparticles as Vehicles for Drugs for Periodontitis Treatment: Development and Characterization

Denise Murgia, Giuseppe Angellotti, Fabio D'Agostino, Viviana De Caro

Polymers, vol. 11(11), 2019, p. 1801


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